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Date Title First author Speaker Keywords link
2021/12/09 The Close AGN Reference Survey (CARS). No obvious signature of AGN feedback on star formation, but subtle trends I. Smirnova-Pinchukova Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2111.10419
2021/12/09 A shallow dark matter halo in Ultra Diffuse Galaxy AGC 242019: are UDGs structurally similar to low surface brightness galaxies? Chris B. Brook Kyungwon Chun arXiv:2109.01402
2021/12/02 The SAMI Galaxy Survey: the drivers of gas and stellar metallicity differences in galaxies A. Fraser-McKelvie Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2111.11627
2021/12/02 ELVES II: GCs and Nuclear Star Clusters of Dwarf Galaxies; The Importance of Environment Scott G. Carlsten So-Myoung Park arXiv:2105.03440
2021/12/02 Satellite quenching was not important for z∼1 clusters: most quenching occurred during infall. S. V. Werner Kyungwon Chun arXiv:2111.14624
2021/12/02 A search for dust and molecular gas in enormous Lyα nebulae at z ≈ 2 Roberto Decarli Byeongha Moon arXiv:2012.04675
2021/11/25 The Relation between Morphological Asymmetry and Nuclear Activity in Low-redshift Galaxies Yulin Zhao Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2111.03558
2021/11/25 Exploring the AGN-ram pressure stripping connection in local clusters Giorgia Peluso Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2111.02538
2021/11/25 Properties of Fast and Slow Bars Classified by Epicyclic Frequency Curves from Photometry of Barred Galaxies Yun Hee Lee Yun Hee Lee arXiv:2111.08846
2021/11/25 The Survival of Multiphase Dusty Clouds in Hot Winds Ryan J. Farber Seok-Jun Chang arXiv:2107.07991
2021/11/18 Formation of an ultra-diffuse galaxy in the stellar filaments of NGC3314A: caught in act? Enrichetta Iodice Kyungwon Chun arXiv:2107.04486
2021/11/18 Deciphering the Lyman-α Emission Line: Towards the Understanding of Galactic Properties Extracted from Lyα Spectra via Radiative Transfer Modeling Zhihui Li Seok-Jun Chang arXiv:2111.03671
2021/11/11 Morphological Transformation and Star Formation Quenching of Massive Galaxies at 0.5 ≤ z ≤ 2.5 in 3D-HST/CANDELS Kirill Tchernyshyov Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2110.12704
2021/11/11 Testing for Dark Matter in the Outskirts of Globular Clusters Raymond G. Carlberg So-Myoung Park arXiv:2106.00751
2021/11/11 Raman mapping of photodissociation regions William J. Henney Seok-Jun Chang arXiv:2012.14497
2021/11/11 The Role of Dust, UV Luminosity and Large-scale Environment on the Escape of Lyα Photons: A Case Study of a Protocluster field at z = 3.1 Yun Huang Byeongha Moon arXiv:2104.11354
2021/11/04 From Blue Cloud to Red Sequence: Evidence of Morphological Transition Prior to Star Formation Quenching V. M. Sampaio Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2110.04342
2021/11/04 Star-Forming S0 Galaxies in SDSS-IV MaNGA Survey Ke Xu Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2110.07935
2021/11/04 Revisiting the Gas Kinematics in SSA22 Lyman-α Blob 1 with Radiative Transfer Modeling in a Multiphase, Clumpy Medium Zhihui Li Seok-Jun Chang arXiv:2008.09130
2021/11/04 ALMA Observations of Lyman-α Blob 1: Multiple major-mergers and widely distributed interstellar media Hideki Umehata Byeongha Moon arXiv:2107.01162
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