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Date Title First author Speaker Keywords link
2022/11/24 Calibration of hybrid resolved star formation rate recipes based on PHANGS–MUSE Hα and Hβ maps Francesco Belfiore Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2211.08487
2022/11/24 An extreme blue nugget, UV-bright starburst at 𝑧 = 3.613 with ninety per cent of Lyman continuum photon escape R. Marques-Chaves Byeongha Moon arXiv:2210.02392
2022/10/27 Rapid Quenching of Galaxies at Cosmic Noon Minjung Park Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2210.03747
2022/10/27 The Active Galactic Nuclei in the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment Survey (HETDEX) III. A red quasar with extremely high equivalent widths showing powerful outflows Chenxu Liu Byeongha Moon arXiv:2210.12679
2022/10/20 Using Multiple Emission Line Ratios to Constrain the Slope of the Dust Attenuation Law Moire K. M. Prescott Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2202.06974
2022/10/20 The chemical enrichment in the early Universe as probed by JWST via direct metallicity measurements at z ~ 8 Mirko Curti Byeongha Moon arXiv:2207.12375
2022/09/22 Photochemistry and Heating/Cooling of the Multiphase Interstellar Medium with UV Radiative Transfer for Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations Jeong-Gyu Kim Jeong-Gyu Kim arXiv:2210.08024
2022/09/22 Spatial distribution of dark matter in and around galaxy clusters traced by galaxies, gas and intracluster stars in a simulated universe Jihye Shin Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2206.09135
2022/09/22 GOALS-JWST: Tracing AGN Feedback on the Star-Forming ISM in NGC 7469 Thomas S.-Y. Lai Byeongha Moon arXiv:2209.06741
2022/09/22 Blue monsters. Why are JWST super-early, massive galaxies so blue? Francesco Ziparo Byeongha Moon arXiv:2209.06840
2022/07/14 Pressure-Regulated, Feedback-Modulated Star Formation In Disk Galaxies Eve C. Ostriker Jeong-Gyu Kim arXiv:2206.00681
2022/07/14 An AGN with an ionized gas outflow in a massive quiescent galaxy in a protocluster at z = 3.09 Mariko Kubo Byeongha Moon arXiv:2207.03628
2022/07/07 A study of outer disc stellar populations of face-on star-forming galaxies in SDSS-IV MaNGA: causes of Hα deficiency Guinevere Kauffmann Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2107.05029
2022/07/07 The Role of Dust, UV Luminosity and Large-scale Environment on the Escape of Lyα Photons: A Case Study of a Protocluster field at z = 3.1 Yun Huang Byeongha Moon arXiv:2104.11354
2022/06/23 Star-forming S0 Galaxies in SDSS-MaNGA: fading spirals or rejuvenated S0s? Himansh Rathore Yun Hee Lee arXiv:2203.14283
2022/06/23 Imaging Polarization of the Blue-Excess Hot Dust-Obscured Galaxy WISE J011601.41–050504.0 R.J. Assef Seongjae Kim arXiv:2206.04093
2022/06/23 Bulge formation inside quiescent lopsided stellar disks: connecting accretion, star formation and morphological transformation in a z ∼ 3 galaxy group Boris S. Kalita Byeongha Moon arXiv:2206.05217
2022/06/16 A slow lopsided bar in the interacting dwarf galaxy IC 3167 V. Cuomo Yun Hee Lee arXiv:2206.06548
2022/06/16 A trail of dark matter-free galaxies from a bullet dwarf collision Pieter van Dokkum Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2205.08552
2022/06/16 Bulge formation inside quiescent lopsided stellar disks: connecting accretion, star formation and morphological transformation in a z ∼ 3 galaxy group Boris S. Kalita Byeongha Moon arXiv:2206.05217
2022/06/09 Enhanced Star Formation Activity of Extreme Jellyfish Galaxies in Massive Clusters and the Role of Ram Pressure Stripping Jeong Hwan Lee Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2205.05258
2022/06/09 Search for extended Lyman-𝛼 emission around 9k quasars at z=2–3 Rhythm Shimakawa Byeongha Moon arXiv:2206.02964
2022/06/09 Probing the Inner Circumgalactic Medium and Quasar Illumination around the Reddest ‘Extremely Red Quasar’ (ERQ) Marie Wingyee Lau Seongjae Kim arXiv:2203.06203
2022/05/26 The Impact of Inclination-dependent Attenuation on Ultraviolet Star Formation Rate Tracers Keith Doore Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2204.09580
2022/05/26 Nebular abundance gradient in the Cartwheel galaxy using MUSE data Javier Zaragoza-Cardiel Byeongha Moon arXiv:2205.09150
2022/05/19 Comparing the pre-SNe feedback and environmental pressures for 6000 H II regions across 19 nearby spiral galaxies A. T. Barnes Jeong-Gyu Kim arXiv:2110.05492
2022/05/19 SDSS-IV MaNGA : spatial resolved properties of kinematically misaligned galaxies Haitong Xu Yun Hee Lee arXiv:2202.04937
2022/05/19 The MOSDEF-LRIS Survey: Connection between Galactic-scale Outflows and the Properties of z ∼ 2 Star-forming Galaxies Andrew Weldon Byeongha Moon arXiv:2203.09539
2022/04/28 Modeling the kinematics of globular cluster systems Yingtian Chen So-Myoung Park arXiv:2203.00599
2022/04/28 X-ray analysis of SDSS J165202.60+172852.4, an obscured quasar with outflows at peak galaxy formation epoch Yuzo Ishikawa Seongjae Kim arXiv:2101.06613
2022/04/28 A Multiwavelength Study of ELAN Environments: Detection of a dusty star-forming galaxy within the enormous Lyman α nebula at z = 2.3 sheds light on its origin Chian-Chou Chen Byeongha Moon arXiv:2111.15375
2022/04/21 Simulated Bars May Be Shorter But Are Not Slower Than Observed: TNG50 vs. MaNGA Neige Frankel Yun Hee Lee arXiv:2201.08406
2022/04/21 Compact molecular gas emission in local LIRGs among low- and high-z galaxies E. Bellocchi Jong Chul Lee arXiv:2204.02055
2022/04/21 Ionising the Intergalactic Medium by Star Clusters: The first empirical evidence E. Vanzella Byeongha Moon arXiv:1904.07941
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