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Date Title First author Speaker Keywords arXiv link
2018/03/14 What does the first highly-redshifted 21-cm detection tell us about early galaxies? Jordan Mirocha 신윤경 A strong 21-cm absorption signal relative to the cosmic microwave background at z ~ 18 arXiv:1803.03272
2018/03/07 Red Misfits in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Properties of Star-Forming Red Galaxies Fraser A. Evans 신윤경 A transition galaxy population showing gradual quenching by internal processes rather than environmentally-driven processes arXiv:1803.01027
2018/02/28 The Diversity of Atomic Hydrogen in Slow Rotator Early-type Galaxies Lisa M. Young 신윤경 Slow rotators with extremely high HI masses arXiv:1802.09495
2018/02/21 Galaxy pairs in the SDSS - XIII. The connection between enhanced star formation and molecular gas properties in galaxy mergers Giulio Violino 신윤경 Galaxy pairs have shorter depletion times and enhanced molecular gas fraction compared to the normal star-forming galaxies. However, the gas masses in galaxy pairs and their depletion times are consistent with those of non-mergers whose SFRs are similarly elevated. arXiv:1802.02166
2018/02/07 Timing the formation and assembly of early-type galaxies via spatially resolved stellar populations analysis Ignacio Martin-Navarro 신윤경 45 elliptical galaxies selected from the CALIFA survey arXiv:1801.05486
2018/01/31 The RINGS survey III: medium-resolution Halpha Fabry-Perot kinematic dataset Carl J. Mitchell 신윤경 RSS Imaging spectroscopy Nearby Galaxy Survey (RINGS) with 10-m SALT arXiv:1801.07750
2018/01/24 No assembly required: mergers are mostly irrelevant for the growth of low-mass dwarf galaxies Alex Fitts 신윤경 15 high-resolution cosmological zoom-in simulations of dwarf galaxies arXiv:1801.06187
2018/01/17 The AGN luminosity fraction in merging galaxies Jeremy Dietrich 신윤경 The fraction of the bolometric infrared luminosity that can be attributed to AGNs arXiv:1801.04328
2018/01/10 First data release of the all-sky NOAO source catalog David L. Nidever 신윤경 NOAO Source catalog (NSC) released in January 2018 arXiv:1801.01885
2018/01/03 Colors of dwarf ellipticals from GALEX to WISE James M. Schombert 신윤경 True internal colors arXiv:1712.09446