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Group Members
Name Position Research Interests E-Mail Homepage
kiseon.jpg Seon, Kwang-il (선광일) Senior Staff Scientist Physics of Interstellar medium, Circumgalactic medium, Intergalactic medium; Monte Carlo Radiative transfer in dusty, starforming galaxies; Dust, Ly-alpha, photoionization; Ly-alpha Emitters, Starburst galaxies; Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods kiseon(KASI) Link
hyunjin.jpg Jeong, Hyunjin (정현진) Staff Scientist Stellar populations of early-type galaxies using multi-band 3-D spectro-photometry; NaD excess objects hyunjin(KASI)
mkim.jpg Kim, Minjin (김민진) Staff Scientist Coevolution of SBMHs and galaxies; Imaging and spectroscopic study of host galaxies of AGNs; measuring BH mass and accretion rate in type I AGNs; multiwavelength studies of AGNs mkim(KASI)
Kim, Sang Chul (김상철) Staff Scientist Supernovae; Individual external galaxies, star clusters and star cluster systems sckim(KASI)
jwko.jpg Ko, Jongwan (고종완) Staff Scientist Gravitational weak lensing; Galaxy clusters; Formation of massive early-type galaxies jwko(KASI)
jclee.jpg Lee, Jong Chul (이종철) Staff Scientist Environmental effects on galaxy properties; Starburst-AGN connection in interacting galaxies jclee(KASI)
jhl.jpg Lee, Joon Hyeop (이준협) Staff Scientist Galaxy evolution depending on mass and environment; Pixel color-magnitude diagram (pCMD) analysis; IFU surveys jhl(KASI)
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Park, Hong Soo (박홍수) Staff Scientist Star clusters in galaxies and galaxy clusters; Star formation history of dwarf galaxies in the Local Group hspark(KASI)
chr.jpg Ree, Chang Hee (이창희) Staff Scientist Stellar populations in early-type galaxies, dwarf galaxies, & extragalactic compact objects chr(KASI)
yksheen.jpg Sheen, Yun-Kyeong (신윤경) Staff Scientist Formation of massive early-type galaxies in galaxy clusters; Environmental effects of galaxy clusters; Deep UV and optical imaging; Multi-object spectroscopy; IFU spectroscopy; Synthetic stellar population modeling yksheen(KASI)
Shin, Jihye (신지혜) Staff Scientist Cosmological simulations; Hydrodynamic simulations; Galaxy formation & evolution; Dynamics of globular cluster; Hydrodynamics in galactic center jhshin(KASI)
msshin.jpg Shin, Min-Su (신민수) Staff Scientist Early structure formation of the Universe; Stellar evolution and stellar population; Gravitational lensing; Variability surveys; Gamma-ray bursts; Cosmic magnetic fields; Active galactic nuclei; Galaxy evolution; Physics of ISM/IGM; Machine learning algorithms; Analysis of big astronomical data; High-performance/high-throughput computing msshin(KASI) Link
jhshinn.jpg Shinn, Jong-Ho (신종호) Staff Scientist Radiative transfer in dusty galaxies jhshinn(KASI)
roryphoto.jpg Smith, Rory Staff Scientist Numerical simulations of environmental effects acting on galaxies in clusters, groups, filaments, the field, and voids; Ram pressure stripping, starvation, pre-processing, tidal interactions, mergers, gas accretion, and morphological transformation rorysmith(KASI)
Yang, Yujin (양유진) Staff Scientist Formation of massive galaxies in early Universe; Role of galaxy mergers in galaxy evolution; Surveys for large-scale structures (proto-clusters) at high-z; Ly-alpha nebulae; Ly-alpha emitters; Post-starburst galaxies; Radio, (sub)mm interferometry; ALMA yyang(KASI) Link
nophoto.jpg Kim, Jae-Woo (김재우) Research Scientist Galaxy cluster; Galaxy evolution; Galaxy clustering kjw0704(KASI)
sihan.jpg Han, Sang-Il (한상일) Postdoctoral Fellow Stellar population; Photometry for dwarf galaxies and globular clusters sihan(KASI)
sjjoo.jpg Joo, Seok-Joo (주석주) Postdoctoral Fellow Star formation histories of globular clusters and dwarf galaxies; Stellar population synthesis models sjjoo(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Kim, Hak-Sub (김학섭) Postdoctoral Fellow Galaxy formation & evolution traced through globular clusters; Stellar populations in dwarf galaxy hskim(KASI)
Kim, Suk (김석) Postdoctoral Fellow Virgo cluster; Evolution of dwarf galaxies; Various environment effects star4citizen(KASI)
ylee.jpg Lee, Youngdae (이영대) Postdoctoral Fellow Evolution of galaxy clusters; Evolution of galaxies in various environments; Dwarf galaxy ylee(KASI)
Park, Daeseong (박대성) Postdoctoral Fellow Black hole mass measurement; Active galactic nuclei; Black hole-galaxy coevolution; Astrostatistics daeseongpark(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Song, Hyunmi (송현미) Postdoctoral Fellow hmsong(KASI)
wbyeon.jpg Byun, Woowon (변우원) PhD Student AGN; Supermassive black hole; Extragalactic astronomy wbyeon(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Kim, Eun Chong (김은총) PhD Student Lyman alpha blob; Green pea galaxy eckim(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Kim, Hyowon (김효원) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy kimyo1(KASI)
Lee, Hye-Ran (이혜란) PhD Student Galaxies in groups and clusters; Shell features in elliptical galaxies hrlee(KASI)
mina.jpg Pak, Mina (박민아) PhD Student Formation of dwarf galaxies; Final destination of spiral galaxies minapak(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Yoo, Jaewon (유재원) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy jwyoo(KASI)
Collaborators in Other KASI Groups
Name Position Rsearch Interests E-Mail Homepage
Kyeong, Jaemann (경재만) Senior Staff Scientist Stellar population; Infrared properties of star clusters; Star clusters of external galaxies; Dwarf galaxies jman(KASI)
ecsung.jpg Sung, Eon-Chang (성언창) Senior Staff Scientist Structure & evolution of blue compact dwarf galaxies; Formation & evolution of dwarf galaxies; Nature of super star clusters & nuclear star clusters of dwarf galaxies; Optical & near infrared & HI observations on dwarf galaxies ecsung(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Lee, Jae-Joon (이재준) Staff Scientist leejjoon(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Oh, Se-Heon (오세헌) Staff Scientist seheonoh(KASI)
scyang.jpg Yang, Soung-Chul (양성철) Staff Scientist Stellar populations in the Local Group galaxies; RR Lyrae variables; Cosmological distance scale sczoo(KASI) Link