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Group Members
Name Position Research Interests E-Mail Homepage
jhl.jpg Lee, Joon Hyeop (이준협) Senior Staff Scientist Galaxy evolution depending on mass and environment; Integral field spectroscopy (IFS), SPHEREx science jhl(KASI) Link
kiseon.jpg Seon, Kwang-il (선광일) Senior Staff Scientist Physics of Interstellar medium, Circumgalactic medium, Intergalactic medium; Monte Carlo Radiative transfer in dusty, starforming galaxies; Dust, Ly-alpha, photoionization; Ly-alpha Emitters, Starburst galaxies; Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods kiseon(KASI) Link
Yang, Yujin (양유진) Senior Staff Scientist Formation of massive galaxies in early Universe; Role of galaxy mergers in galaxy evolution; Surveys for large-scale structures (proto-clusters) at high-z; Ly-alpha nebulae; Ly-alpha emitters; Post-starburst galaxies; Radio, (sub)mm interferometry; ALMA yyang(KASI) Link
nophoto.jpg Hong, Sungryong (홍성용) Staff Scientist shongscience(KASI)
hyunjin.jpg Jeong, Hyunjin (정현진) Staff Scientist Stellar populations of early-type galaxies using multi-band 3-D spectro-photometry; NaD excess objects hyunjin(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Kim, Jae-Woo (김재우) Staff Scientist Galaxy cluster; Galaxy evolution; Galaxy clustering kjw0704(KASI)
Kim, Sang Chul (김상철) Staff Scientist Supernovae; Individual external galaxies, star clusters and star cluster systems sckim(KASI)
jwko.jpg Ko, Jongwan (고종완) Staff Scientist Gravitational weak lensing; Galaxy clusters; Formation of massive early-type galaxies jwko(KASI)
jclee.jpg Lee, Jong Chul (이종철) Staff Scientist Environmental effects on galaxy properties; Starburst-AGN connection in interacting galaxies jclee(KASI)
oh.jpg Oh, Kyuseok (오규석) Staff Scientist Active Galactic Nuclei and host galaxies; optical spectroscopy
Publications: ADS & ORCID
oh(KASI) Link
SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA Park, Hong Soo (박홍수) Staff Scientist Star clusters in galaxies and galaxy clusters; Star formation history of dwarf galaxies in the Local Group hspark(KASI)
chr.jpg Ree, Chang Hee (이창희) Staff Scientist Stellar populations in early-type galaxies, dwarf galaxies, & extragalactic compact objects chr(KASI)
yksheen.jpg Sheen, Yun-Kyeong (신윤경) Staff Scientist Formation of massive early-type galaxies in galaxy clusters; Environmental effects of galaxy clusters; Deep UV and optical imaging; Multi-object spectroscopy; IFU spectroscopy; Synthetic stellar population modeling yksheen(KASI)
Shin, Jihye (신지혜) Staff Scientist Cosmological simulations; Hydrodynamic simulations; Galaxy formation & evolution; Dynamics of globular cluster; Hydrodynamics in galactic center jhshin(KASI)
msshin.jpg Shin, Min-Su (신민수) Staff Scientist Early structure formation of the Universe; Stellar evolution and stellar population; Gravitational lensing; Variability surveys; Gamma-ray bursts; Cosmic magnetic fields; Active galactic nuclei; Galaxy evolution; Physics of ISM/IGM; Machine learning algorithms; Analysis of big astronomical data; High-performance/high-throughput computing
Publications: ADS link and ORCID link
msshin(KASI) Link
jhshinn.jpg Shinn, Jong-Ho (신종호) Staff Scientist Radiative transfer in dusty galaxies jhshinn(KASI)
roryphoto.jpg Smith, Rory Staff Scientist Numerical simulations of environmental effects acting on galaxies in clusters, groups, filaments, the field, and voids; Ram pressure stripping, starvation, pre-processing, tidal interactions, mergers, gas accretion, and morphological transformation rorysmith(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Choi, Hoseung (최호승) Postdoctoral Fellow chs51(KASI)
Chun, Kyungwon (천경원) Postdoctoral Fellow Cosmological N-body/hydrodynamic simulation, dwarf galaxy, galaxy cluster kwchun(KASI)
jiwon.jpg Chung, Jiwon (정지원) Postdoctoral Fellow Formation and evolution of starburst (dwarf) galaxy; Dwarf galaxy interaction and merger; Environmental effects on chemical properties of galaxies; large-scale structure; Redshift evolution of starburst galaxies ;H-alpha emitter; Ly-alpha emitter; Ionic abundance; Internal stellar & gas kinematics; morphology transformation of dwarf galaxy jiwon(KASI)
dhkim.jpg Kim, Duho (김두호) Postdoctoral Fellow Observational extragalactic astronomy; Galaxy evolution; Cosmology dhkim(KASI)
kkim.jpg Kim, Kyungmin (김경민) Postdoctoral Fellow Big data analysis, Gravitational lensing, Gravitational-wave data analysis kkim(KASI)
Park, Daeseong (박대성) Postdoctoral Fellow Black hole mass measurement; Active galactic nuclei; Black hole-galaxy coevolution; Astrostatistics daeseongpark(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Park, So-Myoung (박소명) Postdoctoral Fellow smpark(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Ranjan, Adarsh Postdoctoral Fellow Galaxy evolution, Quasar absorption lines ranjan(KASI)
mraouf.jpg Raouf, Mojtaba Postdoctoral Fellow Cosmological Simulations, Galaxy formation; AGN feedback raouf(KASI) Link
nophoto.jpg Singh, Mridweeka Postdoctoral Fellow Optical studies of Supernovae using KMTNet data mridweeka(KASI)
wbyeon.jpg Byun, Woowon (변우원) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy; Outskirts of galaxies; Low surface brightness structures of galaxies; Dwarf satellite galaxies; SF in galaxies; AGN; Supermassive black hole; KMTNet wbyeon(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Chang, Seokjun (장석준) PhD Student sjchang(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Im, Hyobin (임효빈) PhD Student Progenitors of supernovae hyobin(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Kim, Eun Chong (김은총) PhD Student Lyman alpha blob; Green pea galaxy eckim(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Kim, Hyowon (김효원) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy kimyo1(KASI)
Lee, Hye-Ran (이혜란) PhD Student Galaxies in groups and clusters; Shell features in elliptical galaxies hrlee(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Lee, Joongoo (이준구) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy goolee(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Moon, Byeongha (문병하) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy bhmoon(KASI)
zhshin.jpg Shin, Zihey (신지혜) PhD Student Formation and evolution of dwarf galaxies in nearby galaxy groups zhshin(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Yoo, Jaewon (유재원) PhD Student Extragalactic astronomy jwyoo(KASI)
Collaborators in Other KASI Groups
Name Position Rsearch Interests E-Mail Homepage
Kyeong, Jaemann (경재만) Senior Staff Scientist Stellar population; Infrared properties of star clusters; Star clusters of external galaxies; Dwarf galaxies jman(KASI)
ecsung.jpg Sung, Eon-Chang (성언창) Senior Staff Scientist Structure & evolution of blue compact dwarf galaxies; Formation & evolution of dwarf galaxies; Nature of super star clusters & nuclear star clusters of dwarf galaxies; Optical & near infrared & HI observations on dwarf galaxies ecsung(KASI)
nophoto.jpg Lee, Jae-Joon (이재준) Staff Scientist leejjoon(KASI)
scyang.jpg Yang, Soung-Chul (양성철) Staff Scientist Stellar populations in the Local Group galaxies; RR Lyrae variables; Cosmological distance scale sczoo(KASI) Link
mina.jpg Pak, Mina (박민아) Postdoctoral Fellow Evolution of passive spiral and lenticular galaxies; Integral field spectroscopy (IFS), SPHEREx science minapak(KASI)