Opportunity of post-doctoral research in the Galaxy Evolution Research Group with applications for Korea Research Fellowship (KRF) that is managed by National Research Foundation of Korea.
- Announcement of calls in January and April.
- You must have less than 5 years postdoctoral experience after you receive a Ph.D. degree in non-Korean institutes.
- If you are Korean, you must be in foreign institutes when you apply for the fellowship.
- Contact relevant researchers if you are interested in this opportunity.
- Visit the KRF site for recent announcements.
KASI postdoc opportunities including EACOA fellowship and KASI-Arizona fellowship.
- KASI regularly hires postdoctoral fellows in various fields including research on galaxy formation and evolution.
- Visit the official job announcement page for the recent opportunities.
University of Science and Technology (UST) graduate course and research opportunity in the Galaxy Evolution Research Group.
- Visit this page for the recent announcements.
- UST announcement: Domestic International
- Contact the UST professor in the research area you are interested in.
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