KASI Journal Club on Galaxies (JC-Gal) 2018

Time: Thursday 4 PM
Location: 2nd floor Seminar Room (#220) in Leewonchul Hall
Organizer: Jong Chul Lee

Paper that is to be presented will be notified by mail so that every member can read it for discussion.
Relatively recent and 4-5 pages-long papers (e.g. Nature, Science, Letter) are recommended.

Date Speaker Title Paper
09/20 송현미 Hyunmi Song TBA
09/13 김재우 Jae-Woo Kim TBA
08/09 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee TBA
08/02 신민수 Min-Su Shin TBA
07/26 김상철 Sang Chul Kim TBA
03/22 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Star formation suppression and bar ages in nearby barred galaxies James & Percival, 2018, MNRAS, 474, 3101
03/08 신민수 Min-Su Shin “Red” but Not “Dead”: Actively Star-forming Brightest Cluster Galaxies at Low Redshifts Runge, James & Yan, Haojing, 2018, ApJ, 853, 47
02/22 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Spatially-unresolved SED fitting can underestimate galaxy masses: a solution to the missing mass problem R. Sorba & M. Sawicki, et al. 2018, MNRAS, in press
02/01 이영대 Youngdae Lee Elemental gas-phase abundances of intermediate redshift type Ia supernova star-forming host galaxies M. E. Moreno-Raya et al. 2018, MNRAS-accepted
01/11 송현미 Hyunmi Song The link between galaxy and black hole growth in the EAGLE simulation S. McAlpine, et al. 2017, MNRAS, 468, 3395

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