KASI Journal Club on Galaxies (JC-Gal) 2016

Time : every Thursday 4 PM
Location: 2nd floor Seminar Room (#220) in Leewonchul Hall
Organizer : Jong Chul Lee

Paper that is to be presented will be notified by mail so that every member can read it for discussion.
Relatively recent and 4-5 pages-long papers (e.g. Nature, Science, Letter) are recommended.

Date Speaker Title Paper
12/22 변우원 Woowon Byeon Diverse Stellar Haloes in Nearby Milky Way-Mass Disc Galaxies B. Harmsen, 2016, MNRAS-accepted (arXiv:1611.05448)
12/08 신민수 Min-Su Shin Exhausting the information: novel Bayesian combination of photometric redshift PDFs M. Carrasco Kind & R. J. Brunner, 2014, MNRAS, 442, 3380
12/01 김상철 Sang Chul Kim The disappearance of the helium-giant progenitor of the Type Ib supernova iPTF13bvn and constraints on its companion J. J. Eldridge & J. R. Maund 2016, MNRAS, 461, L117
11/24 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The Influence of Environment on the Chemical Evolution in Low-mass Galaxies Y. Liu et al. 2016, ApJL, 829, L26
10/20 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Kiloparsec-scale dust disks in high-redshift luminous submillimeter galaxies J. Hodge et al. 2016, ApJ-submitted (arXiv:1609.09649)
07/14 박대성 Daeseong Park Some Aspects of Measurement Error in Linear Regression of Astronomical Data B. C. Kelly 2007, ApJ, 665, 1489
06/30 박민아 Mina Pak Flash Spectroscopy: Emission Lines from the Ionized Circumstellar Material around <10-day-old Type II Supernovae D. Khazov et al. 2016, ApJ, 818, 3
06/23 조영수 Young-Soo Jo Modelling dust scattering in our Galaxy J. Murthy 2016, MNRAS, 459, 1710
06/02 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Changing physical conditions in star-forming galaxies between redshifts 0 < z < 4: [OIII]/Hβ evolution F. Cullen et al. 2016, MNRAS, accepted
05/26 신윤경 Yun-Kyeong Sheen MUSE sneaks a peek at extreme ram-pressure stripping events - I. A kinematic study of the archetypal galaxy ESO137-001 II. The physical properties of the gas tail of ESO137-001 M. Fumagalli et al. 2014, MNRAS, 445, 4335 M. Fossati et al. 2016, MNRAS, 455, 2028
05/12 김상철 Sang Chul KIM An Excess of Mid-infrared Emission from the Type Iax SN 2014dt O. D. Fox et al. 2016, ApJ, 816, L13
04/21 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Slow Quenching of Star Formation in OMEGAWINGS Clusters: Galaxies in Transition in the Local Universe A. Paccagnella et al. 2016, ApJ, 816, L25
03/24 신민수 Min-Su Shin A Stellar Velocity Dispersion for a Strongly-lensed, Intermediate-mass Quiescent Galaxy at z=2.8 A. R. Hill et al. 2016, ApJ, 819, 74
03/17 이재현 Jaehyun Lee The stellar mass assembly of galaxies in the Illustris simulation: growth by mergers and the spatial distribution of accreted stars V. Rodriguez-Gomez et al. 2016, MNRAS, accepted
03/03 박민아 Mina Pak Early Dust Formation and a Massive Progenitor for SN 2011ja? J. E. Andrews et al. 2015, MNRAS, 457, 3241
02/25 김상철 Sang Chul Kim ASASSN-15lh: A highly super-luminous supernova S. Dong et al. 2016, Science, 351, 257
02/18 조영수 Young-Soo Jo The SAMI Galaxy Survey: extraplanar gas, galactic winds and their association with star formation history I. Ho et al. 2016, MNRAS, 457, 1257
02/04 김민진 Minjin Kim Observational evidence of a slow downfall of star formation efficiency in massive galaxies during the last 10 Gyr C. Schreiber et al. 2016, A&A, accepted
01/28 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Fossil Group Origins VII. Galaxy substructures in fossil systems S. Zarattini et al. 2016, A&A, in press (arXiv:1511.02854)
01/21 Sanjaya Paudel
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