KASI Galaxy Meeting Schedule (aka DREAM meeting)

  • Time: Friday 11am - 12pm
  • Location: LeeWonChul Hall Rm. 220
  • Agenda:
    1. any new project idea
    2. any new results from your own works
    3. invite anyone (from other groups in KASI or universities or institutes)
    4. any topics related to jobs or funds ( no bureaucratic issues internal to KASI )
    5. short talks from colloquium speakers or long-term visitors
  • Meeting Rules:
    1. Talks can be given in Korean or English.
    2. Slides should be in English.
  • Organizer: Please contact Jae-Woo Kim (kjw0704@KASI) to adjust talk order or to invite a speaker from outside.

Meeting Logs

[2015] [2016] [2017] [2018]

Date Speaker Topic Note
2019/01/18 No meeting (EAO Subaru Workshop).
2019/01/25 Ho Seong Hwang An Infrared/Submillimeter View 
on the Evolution of 
Star-forming Galaxies Self-introductory talk
2019/02/01 No meeting
2019/02/08 No meeting
2019/02/15 No meeting (K-GMT Science Meeting)
2019/02/22 Sang Chul Kim Participation Report at the TDA-MMS 2019 Meeting
2019/03/01 No meeting (3.1절, Samil Jeol, Independence Movement day)
2019/03/08 Mojtaba Raouf The impacts of accretion and outflows on the star formation rate Self-introductory talk
2019/03/15 Seunghyuk Chang 비축 반사망원경의 수차 이론과 그 응용 (Aberration theory of off-axis reflecting telescope and its application) Host : Jongwan Ko
2019/03/22 No meeting
2019/03/29 No meeting
2019/04/05 No meeting
2019/04/12 No meeting (KAS meeting)
2019/04/19 No meeting
2019/04/26 No meeting
2019/05/03 Devin Whitten Galactic Archaeology in the Era of Narrow-band Photometric Surveys University of Notre Dame
2019/05/10 No meeting
2019/05/17 No meeting
2019/05/24 Kyungmin Kim Machine Learning Applications to Astronomical/Astrophysical Data Analyses Self-introductory talk
2019/05/31 No meeting
2019/06/07 No meeting
2019/06/14 No meeting
2019/06/21 No meeting
2019/06/28 No meeting
2019/07/05 Summer Break
2019/07/12 Summer Break
2019/07/19 Summer Break
2019/07/26 Summer Break
2019/08/02 Summer Break
2019/08/09 Summer Break
2019/08/16 Summer Break
2019/08/23 Myoungwon Jeon Connecting the first galaxies with ultra faint dwarfs in the Local Group Kyung Hee Univ. (Host : Jihye Shin)
2019/08/30 Summer Break
2019/09/06 No meeting
2019/09/13 No meeting (Chuseok)
2019/09/20 No meeting (Galaxy Evolution Group Workshop)
2019/09/27 Joongoo Lee Deep Learning Model on Gravitational Waveforms in Merging and Ringdown Phases of Binary Black Hole Coalescence
2019/10/11 Hyunmi Song Brief and biased summary on Artificial Intelligence in Astronomy
2019/10/18 No meeting (KAS meeting)
2019/10/25 Jiwon Chung TBA
2019/11/08 Gwang-Ho Lee TBA
2019/11/15 Mridweeka Singh TBA
2019/11/22 Joon Hyeop Lee A large-scale mystery: galaxy rotation coherent with the average motion of neighbors out to several Mpc