KASI Galaxy Meeting Schedule (aka DREAM meeting)

  • Time: Friday 11am - 12pm
  • Location: LeeWonChul Hall Rm. 220
  • Agenda:
    1. any new results from your own works (including collaborators' works)
    2. any new project idea
    3. conference summary & news
    4. any exciting papers that you want to discuss
    5. invite anyone (from other groups in KASI or universities)
    6. practice for conference or job talks
    7. any topics related to jobs or education ( no bureaucratic issues internal to KASI )
    8. short talks from colloquium speakers or long-term visitors
    9. blackboard presentation
  • Meeting Rules:
    1. Talks can be given in Korean or English.
    2. Slides should be in English.
    3. The members of Galaxy Evolution Research Group or Project must give a talk at least once a year. See the Queue of Speakers at the end of this page.
  • Organizer: Please contact Jae-Woo Kim (kjw0704@KASI) to adjust your talk order or to invite a speaker from outside.

Meeting Logs

[2015] [2016]

Date Speaker Topic Note
2017/01/06 Sungwook Hong Preliminary Concept Design of K-GMT Multi-Object Spectrograph: Preview Preview for GMT MOS meeting
2017/01/13 No meeting (GMT MOS meeting) (2017/01/10)
2017/01/20 No meeting
2017/01/27 No meeting (Lunar New Year)
2017/02/03 KASI-CNU Joint Workshop on Galaxy Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies program (Feb 1-3)
2017/02/10 Yujin Yang Discovery of a Proto-cluster around a Lyα Blob Pair at z=2.3
2017/02/17 Se-Heon Oh SKA pathfinders' large galaxy surveys and their early science observations
2017/02/24 Hye-Ran Lee Measuring the dust stripping of galaxies by the hot intracluster medium in galaxy clusters
2017/03/03 No meeting (K-GMT Science Program User's Meeting)
2017/03/10 Yun-Kyeong Sheen Gas stripping phenomena in galaxies with MUSE
2017/03/17 Hyunjin Jeong A brief summary of IFU surveys: Past, Present and Future
2017/03/24 Jae-Woo Kim The dependence of cluster galaxy properties on the central entropy of their host clusters
2017/03/31 Joon Hyeop Lee Utmost Utilization of a Blunt Blade: Pixel Analysis of Low-z Galaxies
2017/04/07 Suk Kim Environmental effects in stellar populations of compact elliptical galaxies
2017/04/14 No meeting (KAS spring meeting)
2017/04/21 Chang Hee Ree A Data-driven Science Case : Reconstruction of Spatially-resolved (recent) SFHs by Post-processing with Multi-wavelength pSED fitting Technique Motivations
2017/04/28 Yujin Yang The Snowbird Cosmic Lyman-Alpha Workshop (SnowCLAW) Conference summary
2017/05/05 No meeting (Children's Day)
2017/05/12 No meeting
2017/05/19 No meeting
2017/05/26 Daeseong Park Extending the Calibration of CIV-Based Single-Epoch Black Hole Mass Estimators for Active Galactic Nuclei
2017/06/02 Andreas Schulze SuMIRe AGN Survey: first results from HSC and prospects for PFS visitor from NAOJ
2017/06/09 Jaehyun Lee The evolution of galaxy spin direction in dense environments
2017/06/16 Sungwon Kwak Bar formation and recurrent buckling instability in Virgo dEs in English
2017/06/23 Clotilde Laigle (Oxford) Probing galaxy evolution in the metric of the cosmic web Host: Hyunmi
2017/06/30 No meeting
2017/07/07 No meeting
2017/07/14 Min-Young Lee The role of HI in molecule and star formation Host: Se-Heon
2017/07/21 Jae-Joon Lee Things that I did/learned/hated/liked during my 9-months stay in Chile With FriNoM
2017/07/28 Summer Break
2017/08/04 Summer Break
2017/08/11 Summer Break
2017/08/18 Summer Break
2017/08/25 Summer Break
2017/09/01 Summer Break
2017/09/08 Summer Break
2017/09/15 Galaxy Research Group Workshop
2017/09/22 Hyunmi Song From large scales to sub-galactic scales Self-intro talk
2017/09/29 Hak-Sub Kim A chemo-structural study on dwarf spheroidal galaxies using hk index Self-intro talk
2017/10/06 No meeting (Thanksgiving)
2017/10/13 No meeting (KAS fall meeting)
2017/10/20 Bi-Qing For Gas accretion and star formation in galaxies with WALLABY Host: Se-Heon
2017/10/27 Rory Smith Understanding Environmental Effects on Galaxies using Numerical Simulations Self-intro talk
2017/11/03 Roberto Decarli The birth of the giants: Massive galaxies at the dawn of cosmic time Host: Yujin
2017/11/10 Raphael Gobat (KIAS) Star formation regulation in massive halos at z~2 Host: Hyunmi
2017/11/17 Katarina Kraljic Coupling of scales, “Who ordered this?” or “How well do we understand
star formation?”
Host: Rory
2017/11/24 Eunchong Kim Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Lyman Alpha Nebulae
2017/12/01 Sang Chul KIM Observations of Astronomical Objects Using the Future Korean Neutrino Telescope
2017/12/08 Mijin Yoon (Yonsei) TBD Host: Hyunmi
  • Queue of Speakers (modify after each talk):
    • Sang Chul Kim, Jong-Ho Shinn, Eon-Chang Sung,
    • Mina Pak, Jaewon Yoo, Woowon Byun, Eun Chong Kim, Hyowon Kim,
    • Jongwan Ko, Jong Chul Lee, Hong Soo Park, Youngdae Lee, Seok-Joo Joo,
    • Minjin Kim, Sang-Il Han, Kwang-Il Seon, Min-Su Shin, Se-Heon Oh,
    • Hye-Ran Lee, Yun-Kyeong Sheen, Hyunjin Jeong, Jae-Woo Kim, Joon Hyeop Lee,
    • Suk Kim, Chang Hee Ree, Yujin Yang, Daeseong Park, Jae-Joon Lee,
    • Hyunmi Song, Hak-Sub Kim, Rory Smith