KASI Galaxy Meeting (DREAM) Schedule

  • Time: Friday 11am - 12pm
  • Location: LeeWonChul Hall Rm. 220
  • Agenda:
    1. any new project idea, project update
    2. any new results from your own works
    3. invite anyone (from other groups in KASI or universities)
    4. any topics related to jobs, funding, and education (no KASI bureaucratic issues)
    5. short talks from colloquium speakers or long-term visitors
    6. conference/meeting summary
  • Meeting Rules:
    1. Talks can be given in Korean or English, but English is preferred. If you like to give in Korean, contact organizers well in advance.
    2. Slides should be in English.
    3. Duration of the talk is 30min (strict).
  • Organizer:
    • Please contact Kyuseok Oh (oh@kasi.re.kr) to schedule talks or to invite a speaker from outside.

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Date Speaker 1 Topic Note
2022/03/04 No meeting
2022/03/11 Sanjaya Paudel Survey of early-type dwarf galaxies in the local universe.
2022/03/18 Jaejin Shin An overview of AGN and AGN feedback
2022/03/25 Jaewon Yoo How to quantify the similarity of 2D distributions: Comparison of spatial distribution of Intracluster light and Dark Matter
2022/04/01 Woowon Byun Deficient H-alpha flux in the extended disks of spiral galaxies
2022/04/15 No meeting (KAS meeting)
2022/05/20 Junhyun Baek The circumnuclear medium around the central AGN in a cool-core cluster, Abell 1644-South
2022/05/27 Bumhyun Lee ALMA/ACA CO Survey of the IC 1459 and NGC 4636 Groups: Environmental Effects on the Molecular Gas of Group Galaxies
2022/06/24 Min-Su Shin (Postponed to the next semester)
2022/07/01 Summer Break

(Or talks that you want to give someday)

Speaker Topic Note
Yujin Yang One-hundred-square-degree DECam Imaging in Narrowband (ODIN) 2021.09.06
Kyuseok Oh BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey Data Release 2 2022.02.28
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