Date Speaker Topic Note
2019/01/18 No meeting (EAO Subaru Workshop).
2019/01/25 Ho Seong Hwang An Infrared/Submillimeter View 
on the Evolution of 
Star-forming Galaxies Self-introductory talk
2019/02/01 No meeting
2019/02/08 No meeting
2019/02/15 No meeting (K-GMT Science Meeting)
2019/02/22 Sang Chul Kim Participation Report at the TDA-MMS 2019 Meeting
2019/03/01 No meeting (3.1절, Samil Jeol, Independence Movement day)
2019/03/08 Mojtaba Raouf The impacts of accretion and outflows on the star formation rate Self-introductory talk
2019/03/15 Seunghyuk Chang 비축 반사망원경의 수차 이론과 그 응용 (Aberration theory of off-axis reflecting telescope and its application) Host : Jongwan Ko
2019/03/22 No meeting
2019/03/29 No meeting
2019/04/05 No meeting
2019/04/12 No meeting (KAS meeting)
2019/04/19 No meeting
2019/04/26 No meeting
2019/05/03 Devin Whitten Galactic Archaeology in the Era of Narrow-band Photometric Surveys University of Notre Dame
2019/05/10 No meeting
2019/05/17 No meeting
2019/05/24 Kyungmin Kim Machine Learning Applications to Astronomical/Astrophysical Data Analyses Self-introductory talk
2019/05/31 No meeting
2019/06/07 No meeting
2019/06/14 No meeting
2019/06/21 No meeting
2019/06/28 No meeting
2019/07/05 Summer Break
2019/07/12 Summer Break
2019/07/19 Summer Break
2019/07/26 Summer Break
2019/08/02 Summer Break
2019/08/09 Summer Break
2019/08/16 Summer Break
2019/08/23 Myoungwon Jeon Connecting the first galaxies with ultra faint dwarfs in the Local Group Kyung Hee Univ. (Host : Jihye Shin)
2019/08/30 Summer Break
2019/09/06 No meeting
2019/09/13 No meeting (Chuseok)
2019/09/20 No meeting (Galaxy Evolution Group Workshop)
2019/09/27 Joongoo Lee Deep Learning Model on Gravitational Waveforms in Merging and Ringdown Phases of Binary Black Hole Coalescence Self-introductory talk
2019/10/04 No meeting
2019/10/11 Hyunmi Song Brief and biased summary on Artificial Intelligence in Astronomy
2019/10/18 No meeting (KAS meeting)
2019/10/25 Jiwon Chung Understanding of Formation and Evolution of Star-forming Galaxies: Chemical and Kinematical Perspectives Self-introductory talk
2019/11/01 No meeting
2019/11/08 No meeting
2019/11/15 Mridweeka Singh Exploring the optical behavior of hydrogen deficient supernovae Self-introductory talk
2019/11/22 Joon Hyeop Lee A large-scale mystery: galaxy rotation coherent with the average motion of neighbors out to several Mpc
2019/11/29 Duho Kim Correcting for extinction by interstellar dust in galaxies using brightness ratios at 0.5um and 3.5um Self-introductory talk
2019/12/06 No meeting
2019/12/13 Kyuseok Oh BAT AGN Spectroscopic Survey: An Overview Self-introductory talk
2019/12/20 No meeting
2019/12/27 No meeting
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