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Date Speaker 1 Topic Note
2021/09/03 organizer change: Kyuseok, Yujin
2021/09/10 Yun-Kyeong Sheen Summary of the Rubin 2021 Project and Community Workshop Meeting summary
2021/09/17 No meeting (Chuseok)
2021/09/24 No meeting (Chuseok)
2021/10/01 Sang-Hyun Chun Red Supergiant Stars In IC 1613 and Metallicity-Dependent Mixing Length In the Evolutionary Model
2021/10/08 Emmanuel Francis Ocran The mid-infrared radio correlation and radio spectral properties of galaxies at microJy fluxes with stacking
2021/10/15 No meeting (KAS meeting)
2021/10/22 Joonho Kim Study of AGN and gravitational wave source with time-series observation
2021/10/29 So-Myoung Park Star Formation in the inner bulges of Milky Way-like Galaxies with Gas Replenishment
2021/11/05 Emmanuel Francis Ocran The Evolution of the Low-frequency Radio AGN Population
2021/11/12 Minhee Hyun Study of High Redshift Galaxies at different environments with Multi-object Spectroscopic and Submm Observations
2021/11/19 Garreth Martin Informing LSB astronomy with the next generation of cosmological simulations
Jae-Joon Lee Upcoming new (and superb?) instruments on Gemini with the focus on GIRMOS
2021/11/26 Kyungwon Chun Study on the formation of the intracluster light with Galaxy Replacement Technique
2021/12/03 Changsu Choi Intensive Monitoring Survey of Nearby Galaxies (IMSNG)
Garreth Martin Introducing the LSST Galaxies Science Collaboration
2021/12/17 Winter Break
2021/12/24 Winter Break
2021/12/31 Winter Break
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