Date Speaker Topic Note
2018/01/05 Eunchong Kim Using Polarization to Reveal the Nature of Lyman Alpha Nebulae
2018/01/12 Chung-Uk Lee KMTNet 관측시스템 소개 Status of KMTNet
2018/01/19 Jihye shin Numerical simulations on galaxy formation and evolution Self-introductory talk
2018/01/26 Woowon Byun Optimal strategy for low surface brightness imaging with KMTNet TALK IN KOREAN
2018/02/02 Min-Su Shin Updates on the LSST and its data products
2018/02/09 Mina Pak Stellar populations of passive spiral galaxies
2018/02/16 No meeting (Lunar New Year)
2018/02/23 Jaewon Yoo Journey towards ICL detection in Coma cluster
2018/03/02 Hyowon Kim Abell 2261 evolution analysis
2018/03/09 Minjin Kim 네덜란드 방문기 (Visit to the Netherlands)
2018/03/16 David Parkinson Finding interesting observations in astronomical data using a course-grain complexity measure
2018/03/23 No meeting
2018/03/30 Jongwan Ko Galaxies and galaxy clusters at low surface brightness imaging
2018/04/06 Hong Soo Park Dwarf Galaxies in the NGC 3585 Group Newly Detected in the KMTNet Supernova Program (KSP)
2018/04/13 Joon Hyeop Lee Color dispersion as an indicator of stellar population complexity: an easy application of pCMDs Recent work
2018/04/20 No meeting
2018/04/27 Seok-Joo Joo SULF Project : RR Lyrae stars in the Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies
2018/05/04 Youngdae Lee Difference in dwarf galaxy surface brightness profiles as a function of environment
2018/05/11 No meeting (KAS Meeting)
2018/05/18 Jae-Woo Kim Rare opportunity to examine a merging BCG and matter distribution in galaxy cluster
2018/05/25 Yun-Kyeong Sheen Who are you, Mr. Jellyfish? - into the chaos
2018/06/01 No meeting (KASI Special Colloquium)
2018/06/08 Min-Su Shin Overview of statistical inference
2018/06/15 Paula Calderon Isolated Merging Systems by Merging Stage: A New Public Catologue, and Impacts on Star Formation University of Concepcion, Chile
2018/06/22 Hye-Ran Lee Introduction to Bayesian Inference and Time Series Analysis
2018/06/29 Jaewon Yoo Model Fitting, Bootstrap, Model Selection and MCMC
2018/07/06 No meeting
2018/07/13 Hyowon Kim clustering & classification and spatial model
2018/07/20 Summer Break
2018/07/27 Summer Break
2018/08/03 Summer Break
2018/08/10 Summer Break
2018/08/17 Summer Break
2018/08/24 Summer Break
2018/08/31 Summer Break
2018/09/07 GERP Workshop
2018/09/14 Environmental Effect Workshop (LWC 102)
2018/09/21 Young Chol Minh Astronomical Activity in Antarctica
2018/09/28 No Meeting
2018/10/05 Hyunmi Song A redshift survey of the nearby galaxy cluster Abell 2107: global rotation of the cluster and its connection to large-scale structures in the universe
2018/10/12 No Meeting (KAS meeting)
2018/10/19 No Meeting
2018/10/26 Hanindyo Kuncarayakti Observations of supernovae and their host galaxies, and related facilities University of Turku, Finland (Host : Sang Chul KIM)
2018/11/02 No Meeting
2018/11/09 No Meeting
2018/11/16 Jong Chul Lee Dust attenuation curve and star/gas/dust geometry in local galaxies Research plans
2018/11/23 Jeong-Yeol Han 초경량 망원경 개발기술
2018/11/30 Min-Su Shin Introduction to Transient Message Processing System for the LSST era
2018/12/07 Hyunjin Jeong Kinematic alignment of SAMI cluster early-type galaxies
2018/12/14 Daeseong Park A New Iron Emission Template for Active Galactic Nuclei progress report
2018/12/21 Eunbin Kim From the galactic center to the distance Universe
2018/12/28 No Meeting
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