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Date Speaker Topic Note
2017/01/06 Sungwook Hong Preliminary Concept Design of K-GMT Multi-Object Spectrograph: Preview Preview for GMT MOS meeting
2017/01/13 No meeting (GMT MOS meeting) (2017/01/10)
2017/01/20 No meeting
2017/01/27 No meeting (Lunar New Year)
2017/02/03 KASI-CNU Joint Workshop on Galaxy Clusters and Dwarf Galaxies program (Feb 1-3)
2017/02/10 Yujin Yang Discovery of a Proto-cluster around a Lyα Blob Pair at z=2.3
2017/02/17 Se-Heon Oh SKA pathfinders' large galaxy surveys and their early science observations
2017/02/24 Hye-Ran Lee Measuring the dust stripping of galaxies by the hot intracluster medium in galaxy clusters
2017/03/03 No meeting (K-GMT Science Program User's Meeting)
2017/03/10 Yun-Kyeong Sheen Gas stripping phenomena in galaxies with MUSE
2017/03/17 Hyunjin Jeong A brief summary of IFU surveys: Past, Present and Future
2017/03/24 Jae-Woo Kim The dependence of cluster galaxy properties on the central entropy of their host clusters
2017/03/31 Joon Hyeop Lee Utmost Utilization of a Blunt Blade: Pixel Analysis of Low-z Galaxies
2017/04/07 Suk Kim Environmental effects in stellar populations of compact elliptical galaxies
2017/04/14 No meeting (KAS spring meeting)
2017/04/21 Chang Hee Ree A Data-driven Science Case : Reconstruction of Spatially-resolved (recent) SFHs by Post-processing with Multi-wavelength pSED fitting Technique Motivations
2017/04/28 Yujin Yang The Snowbird Cosmic Lyman-Alpha Workshop (SnowCLAW) Conference summary
2017/05/05 No meeting (Children's Day)
2017/05/12 No meeting
2017/05/19 No meeting
2017/05/26 Daeseong Park Extending the Calibration of CIV-Based Single-Epoch Black Hole Mass Estimators for Active Galactic Nuclei
2017/06/02 Andreas Schulze SuMIRe AGN Survey: first results from HSC and prospects for PFS visitor from NAOJ
2017/06/09 Jaehyun Lee The evolution of galaxy spin direction in dense environments
2017/06/16 Sungwon Kwak Bar formation and recurrent buckling instability in Virgo dEs in English
2017/06/23 Clotilde Laigle (Oxford) Probing galaxy evolution in the metric of the cosmic web Host: Hyunmi
2017/06/30 No meeting
2017/07/07 No meeting
2017/07/14 Min-Young Lee The role of HI in molecule and star formation Host: Se-Heon
2017/07/21 Jae-Joon Lee Things that I did/learned/hated/liked during my 9-months stay in Chile With FriNoM
2017/07/28 Summer Break
2017/08/04 Summer Break
2017/08/11 Summer Break
2017/08/18 Summer Break
2017/08/25 Summer Break
2017/09/01 Summer Break
2017/09/08 Summer Break
2017/09/15 Galaxy Research Group Workshop
2017/09/22 Hyunmi Song From large scales to sub-galactic scales Self-intro talk
2017/09/29 Hak-Sub Kim A chemo-structural study on dwarf spheroidal galaxies using hk index Self-intro talk
2017/10/06 No meeting (Thanksgiving)
2017/10/13 No meeting (KAS fall meeting)
organizer change: Yujin → Jae-Woo
2017/10/20 Bi-Qing For Gas accretion and star formation in galaxies with WALLABY Host: Se-Heon
2017/10/27 Rory Smith Understanding Environmental Effects on Galaxies using Numerical Simulations Self-intro talk
2017/11/03 Roberto Decarli The birth of the giants: Massive galaxies at the dawn of cosmic time Host: Yujin
2017/11/10 Raphael Gobat (KIAS) Star formation regulation in massive halos at z~2 Host: Hyunmi
2017/11/17 Katarina Kraljic Coupling of scales, “Who ordered this?” or “How well do we understand
star formation?”
Host: Rory
2017/11/24 No meeting
2017/12/01 Sang Chul KIM Observations of Astronomical Objects Using the Future Korean Neutrino Telescope
2017/12/08 Mijin Yoon (Yonsei) Galaxy halo properties in Deep Lens Survey Host: Hyunmi
2017/12/15 Jong-Ho Shinn Differential Evolution method and its application to the 3D model fitting of edge-on galaxies
2017/12/22 Winter Break
2017/12/29 Winter Break
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