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Date Speaker Topic Note
2016/01/01 No meeting (New Year)
2016/01/08 Young-soo Jo Bright stars observed by FIMS/SPEAR
Hyunsung Jun Infrared Time Lags for the Periodic Quasar PG1302-102
2016/01/15 Yujin Yang Steward-KASI Polarimetric Survey of Giant Lyman Alpha Nebulae recycle of a KAS talk
2016/01/22 Jongwan Ko A stellar population analysis of early-type galaxies with mid-IR excess emission
2016/01/29 Jong Chul Lee A Submillimeter Dust Continuum Survey of Local Dust-Obscured Galaxies
2016/02/05 No meeting (Lunar New Year)
2016/02/12 No meeting (Lunar New Year)
2016/02/19 Taehyun Kim Secular Evolution of Barred Galaxies self-introductory talk
2016/02/26 Sanjaya Paudel Discovery of a compact early-type galaxy with AGN feature and M(BH)-M_B relation
2016/03/04 Everyone Discussion for GCLEF science case study discussion
2016/03/11 Soung-Chul Yang Community Astrophysics with WFIRST: Guest Observer and Archival Science conference summary
Daeseong Park A pilot research project for observing proposal: BH-galaxy scaling relation with DOGs/SMGs/ULIRGs self-introductory talk
2016/03/18 Min-Su Shin Introduction to LSST data products (LSST Korea presentation)
2016/03/25 Hong Soo Park New Dwarf Galaxies in the Nearby NGC 2784 Galaxy Group Discovered in KMTNet Supernova Program
2016/04/01 Youngdae Lee Galaxy Luminosity Function of Dynamically Young Abell 119 Cluster : Probing the Cluster Assembly
2016/04/08 Seok-Joo Joo New Insight on the Origin of Double Red Clump in the Milky Way Bulge self-introductory talk
2016/04/15 No meeting (Spring KAS meeting)
2016/04/22 Suk Kim Large-Scale Filamentary Structures around the Virgo self-introductory talk
2016/04/29 No meeting (LSST conference)
2016/05/06 No meeting (Temporary holiday)
2016/05/13 Joon Hyeoop Lee Pixel-CMD comparison between the BCGs of A1139 and A2589 in different evolutionary stages progress report
Minjin Kim Megamaser Disks Reveal a Broad Distribution in Black Hole Mass in Spiral Galaxies
2016/05/20 Jae-Woo Kim Clustering and Clusters of galaxies from wide and deep surveys self-introductory talk
2016/05/27 Yujin Yang Observational Evidence of Gas Accretion onto Galaxies? conference summary
2016/06/03 Narae Hwang K-GMT Science Program: Status and Future
2016/06/10 No meeting (Institute hiking)
2016/06/17 Jaehyun Lee Formation and assembly history of stellar components in galaxies as a function of galaxy and halo mass progress report
2016/06/24 Hyunjin Shim Mg II absorbers at z ~ 1 G-CLEF series
2016/07/01 Yun-Kyeong Sheen Star-forming blobs and ionised gas tails around an early-type galaxy in Abell 2670 practice talk
Young Sun Lee Chemical Signature of First and Second-Generation Massive Stars G-CLEF series
2016/07/08 Minjin Kim
Taehyun Kim
Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Outskirts conference summary
2016/07/15 Yun-Kyeong Sheen Science Cases for High-resolution instruments in GMT Science Book G-CLEF series
2016/07/22 Sang Il Han Research ideas for GCLEF in the GMT era - Chemical abundances in MWGC MS stars G-CLEF series
Summer Break
2016/09/23 Seok-Jun Chang Polarization of Rayleigh Scattered Lyα in Active Galactic Nuclei Host: Yujin Yang
2016/09/30 Kwang-il Seon Radiative Transfer Model of Dust Attenuation Curves in Clumpy, Galactic Environments arXiv
2016/10/07 No meeting
2016/10/14 No meeting (Fall KAS meeting)
2016/10/21 No meeting (KASI Colloquium)
2016/10/28 Yujin Yang Report for JCMT JINGLE Workshop
2016/11/04 No meeting
2016/11/11 In-Soo Yuk NRF (한국연구재단) Funding Opportunities for Staffs, Postdocs, and Students
2016/11/18 No meeting
2016/11/25 Min-Su Shin Research ideas for the G-CLEF in the GMT era - Part I: synergy with the KMTNet G-CLEF series
2016/12/02 Se-Heon Oh Dark matter cores in dwarf galaxies self-introductory talk
2016/12/09 Jaehyun Lee The changing face of galaxies: uncovering transformational physics conference summary
2016/12/14 Intae Jung
(UT Austin)
Evidence for Reduced Specific Star Formation Rates in the Centers of Massive Galaxies at z = 4 Host: Jaehyun Lee
2016/12/30 No meeting
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