KASI Journal Club on Galaxies (JC-Gal) 2014

Time : every Thursday 4 PM
Organizer : Joon Hyeop Lee

Date Speaker Title Paper
11/27 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee Probing Satellite Quenching With Galaxy Clustering R. T. Chamberlain et al. 2014, MNRAS (arXiv1407.2648)
11/20 이종철 Jong Chul Lee The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Toward a Unified Dynamical Scaling Relation for Galaxies of All Types L. Cortese et al. 2014, ApJL, 795, L37
11/13 강용범 Yongbeom Kang Dynamical signatures of a LCDM-halo and the distribution of the baryons in M33 E. Corbelli et al. 2014, A&A (arXiv1409.2665)
10/30 김상철 Sang Chul KIM A luminous, blue progenitor system for the type Iax supernova 2012Z C. McCully et al. 2014, Nature, 512, 54
10/23 Sanjaya Paudel A supermassive black hole in an ultra-compact dwarf galaxy A. C. Seth et al. 2014, Nature, 513, 398
10/02 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Velocity anti-correlation of diametrically opposed galaxy satellites in the low-redshift Universe N. G. Ibata et al. 2014, Nature, 511, 563
09/25 정현진 Hyunjin Jeong A kinematically distinct core and minor-axis rotation: the MUSE perspective on M87 E. Emsellem et al. 2014, MNRAS, accepted (arXiv: 1408.6844)
09/18 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee The role of major mergers in the size growth of intermediate-mass spheroids S. Kaviraj et al. 2014, MNRAS, 443, 1861
09/04 강용범 Yongbeom Kang Hierarchical Star Formation in Nearby LEGUS Galaxies D. M. Elmegreen et al. 2014, ApJL, 787, L15
08/14 조영수Young-Soo Jo Exploring GLIMPSE bubble N107 - Multiwavelength observations and simulations V. Sidorin et al. 2014, A&A, 565, A6
08/07 고경연 Kyeongyeon Ko A unified empirical model for infrared galaxy counts based on the observed physical evolution of distant galaxies M. Bethermin et al. 2012, ApJL, 757, L23
07/24 박민아 Mina Pak Detection of White Dwarf Companions to Blue Stragglers in the Open Cluster NGC 188: Direct Evidence for Recent Mass Transfer N. M. Gosnell et al. 2014, ApJL, 783, L8
07/10 김상철 Sang Chul KIM A Wolf-Rayet-like progenitor of SN 2013cu from spectral observations of a stellar wind A. Gal-Yam et al. 2014, Nature, 509, 471
07/02 (Wed) 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Integral Field spectroscopy of two HI rich E+A galaxies M. Pracy et al. 2014, MNRAS, accepted (arXiv: 1406.6118)
06/26 이창희 Chang Hee Ree The Rising Stellar Velocity Dispersion of M87 from Integrated Starlight J. D. Murphy et al. 2014, ApJ, 785, 143
06/12 오민지 MinJi Oh Properties of galaxies reproduced by a hydrodynamic simulation M. Vogelsberger et al. 2014, Nature, 509, 177
06/05 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Extended [CII] emission in local luminous infrared galaxies T. Diaz-Santos et al. 2014, ApJL, 788, L17
05/29 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee Colours of isolated galaxies selected from the Two-Micron All-Sky Survey O. Melnyk et al. 2014, ApJ, 438, 548
05/22 고경연 Kyeongyeon Ko The star formation mass sequence out to z=2.5 K. E. Whitaker et al. 2012, ApJ, 754, L29
05/08 강신철 Sincheol Kang A change in the optical polarization associated with a gamma-ray flare in the blazar 3C279 A. A. Abdo et al. 2010, Nature, 463, 919
04/24 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The red sequence of Abell X-ray underluminous clusters J. J. Trejo-Alonso et al. 2014, MNRAS, 441, 776
04/17 김민진 Minjin Kim ALMA resolves turbulent, rotating [CII] emission in a young starburst galaxy at z=4.8 C. De Breuck et al. 2014, A&A, 565, A59
04/03 김상철 Sang Chul KIM A single low-energy, iron-poor supernova as the source of metals in the star SMSS J031300.36-670839.3 S. C. Keller et al. 2014, Nature, 506, 463
03/27 강용범 Yongbeom Kang A Thousand Shadows of Andromeda: Rotating Planes of Satellites in the Millennium-II Cosmological Simulation R. A. Ibata et al. 2014, ApJL, 784, L6
03/20 양성철 Soung-Chul Yang Helium enhanced stars and multiple populations along the horizontal branch of NGC 2808: direct spectroscopic measurements A. F. Marino et al. 2014, MNRAS, 437, 1609
03/13 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The Phase Space and Stellar Populations of Cluster Galaxies at z ~ 1: Simultaneous Constraints on the Location and Timescale of Satellite Quenching A. Muzzin et al. 2014, ApJ, accepted (arXiv:1402.7077)
03/06 고종완 Jongwan Ko The remnant of a merger between two dwarf galaxies in Andromeda II N. C. Amorisco et al. 2014, Nature, 507, 335
02/27 김민진 Minjin Kim The surprising inefficiency of dwarf satellite quenching C. Wheeler et al. 2014, MNRAS, accepted (arXiv:1402.1498)
02/20 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Dust Production and Particle Acceleration in Supernova 1987A Revealed with ALMA R. Indebetouw et al. 2014, ApJL, 782, L2
02/06 김상철 Sang Chul KIM An outburst from a massive star 40 days before a supernova explosion E. O. Ofek et al. 2013, Nature, 494, 65
01/23 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee Jellyfish: Evidence of extreme ram-pressure stripping in massive galaxy clusters H. Ebeling et al. 2014, ApJL, 781, L40
01/09 정현진 Hyunjin Jeong An Empirical Connection between the Ultraviolet Color of Early-type Galaxies and the Stellar Initial Mass Function D. Zaritsky et al. 2014, ApJL, 780, L1
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