KASI Journal Club on Galaxies (JC-Gal) 2015

Time : every Thursday 4 PM
Organizer : Joon Hyeop Lee

Date Speaker Title Paper
12/17 신종호 Jong-Ho Shinn Abundant Dust Found in Intergalactic Space E. Xilouris et al. 2006, ApJL, 651, L107
12/10 김상철 Sang Chul Kim No Signature of Ejecta Interaction with a Stellar Companion in Three Type Ia Supernovae R. P. Olling et al. 2015, Nature, 521, 332
11/26 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Spatially Resolved Dust Maps from Balmer Decrements in Galaxies at z ~ 1.4 E. J. Nelson et al. 2015, ApJL, submitted (arXiv: 1511.04443)
11/12 이영대 Youngdae Lee Brightest cluster galaxies in the extended GMRT radio halo cluster sample : Radio properties and cluster dynamics R. Kale et al. 2015, A&A, 581, A23
10/29 Sanjaya Paudel Formation of Ultra-compact Blue Dwarf Galaxies and Their Evolution into Nucleated Dwarfs K. Bekki, 2015, ApJL, 812, L14
10/22 박민아 Mina Pak Supernova 2013by: a Type IIL supernova with a IIP-like light-curve drop S. Valenti et al. 2015, MNRAS, 448, 2608
10/08 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Galaxy Structure as a Driver of the Star Formation Sequence Slope and Scatter K. E. Whitaker et al. 2015, ApJL, 811, L12
09/24 이영대 Youngdae Lee Evolution of the brightest cluster galaxies: the influence of morphology, stellar mass and environment D. Zhao et al. 2015, MNRAS, in press (arXiv: 1508.04845)
09/10 Sanjaya Paudel On the Assembly of Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters and their Efficient Formation of Globular Clusters P. A. Mistani et al. 2015, MNRAS, submitted (arXiv: 1509.00030)
08/20 이창희 Chang Hee Ree Hiding in Plain Sight: Record-breaking Compact Stellar Systems in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey M. A. Sandoval et al. 2015, ApJL, 808, L32
07/23 김상철 Sang Chul KIM A strong ultraviolet pulse from a newborn type Ia supernova Y. Cao et al. 2015, Nature, 521, 328
07/16 정현진 Hyunjin Jeong The SAMI Pilot Survey: the kinematic morphology-density relation in Abell 85, Abell 168 and Abell 2399 L. M. R. Fogarty et al. 2014, MNRAS, 443, 485
07/09 신종호 Jong-Ho Shinn Simultaneous Modeling of the Stellar and Dust Emission in Distant Galaxies: Implications for Star Formation Rate Measurements D. Utomo et al. 2014, ApJL, 783, L30
06/25 박민아 Mina Pak Hα Spectral Diversity of Type II Supernovae: Correlations with Photometric Properties C. P. Gutierrez et al. 2014, ApJL, 786, L15
06/18 이종철 Jong Chul Lee ISM Masses and Star Formation at z = 1 to 6: ALMA Observations of Dust Continuum in 180 Galaxies in COSMOS N. Scoville et al. 2015, ApJL, submitted
06/11 이영대 Youngdae Lee Multiwavelength investigations of co-evolution of bright cluster galaxies and their host clusters Y. Hashimoto et al. 2014, MNRAS, 440, 588
05/14 김상철 Sang Chul KIM The fastest unbound star in our Galaxy ejected by a thermonuclear supernova S. Geier et al. 2015, Science, 347, 1126
05/07 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The G Infrared Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations with Large Energy Supplies. II. Framework, Strategy, and First Result J. T. Wright et al. 2014, ApJ, 792, 27
04/30 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee The accretion histories of brightest cluster galaxies from their stellar population gradients P. Oliva-Altamirano et al. 2015, MNRAS, 449, 3347
04/23 강용범 Yongbeom Kang Two Planes of Satellites in the Centaurus A Group R. B. Tully et al. 2015, ApJL, 802, L25
03/12 고경연 Kyeongyeon Ko Star forming galaxies in the AKARI deep field south: Identifications and spectral energy distributions K. Malek et al. 2010, A&A, 514, A11
03/05 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee Ongoing growth of the brightest cluster galaxies via major dry mergers in the last ∼6Gyr F. S. Liu et al. 2015, MNRAS, 447, 1491
02/26 박홍수 Hong Soo Park The Progenitors of the MilkyWay Stellar Halo: Big Bricks Favoured over Little Bricks A. J. Deason et al. 2015, MNRAS Letters, 448, L77
02/12 이창희 Chang Hee Ree Further evidence for a time-dependent initial mass function in massive early-type galaxies I. Ferreras et al. 2015, MNRAS, accepted (arXiv:1501.01636)
01/15 김상철 Sang Chul KIM On the Progenitor System of the Type Iax Supernova 2014dt in M61 R. J. Foley 2015, ApJL, 798, L37
01/08 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Dependence of the bright end of galaxy luminosity function on cluster dynamical state Z. L. Wen & J. L. Han 2015, MNRAS, accepted (arXiv: 1412.6865)
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