KASI Journal Club on Galaxies (JC-Gal) 2013

Time : every Thursday 4 PM
Organizer : Joon Hyeop Lee

Date Speaker Title Paper
12/19 고종완 Jongwan Ko Early-type galaxies have been the predominant morphological class for massive galaxies since only z ∼ 1 F. Buitrago et al. 2013, MNRAS, 428, 1460
12/12 Chandreyee Sengupta Carbon monoxide in clouds at low metallicity in the dwarf irregular galaxy WLM B. G. Elmegreen et al. 2013, Nature, 495, 487
12/05 강용범 Yongbeom Kang A New Approach to Detailed Structural Decomposition: Kicked-up Disk Stars in Andromeda’s Halo? C. E. Dorman et al. 2013, proceedings of the conference “Structure and Dynamics of Disk Galaxies”
11/14 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee Extended ionized gas in z=0.4 cluster M. Yagi et al. 2013, AJ, accepted
11/07 김상철 Sang Chul KIM Slowly fading super-luminous supernovae that are not pair-instability explosions M. Nicholl et al. 2013, Nature, 502, 346
10/31 양성철 Soung-Chul Yang A galaxy rapidly forming stars 700 million years after the Big Bang at redshift 7.51 S. L. Finkelstein et al. 2013, Nature, 502, 524
10/24 이종철 Jong Chul Lee The Dust Attenuation Law in Distant Galaxies: Evidence for Variation with Spectral Type M. Kriek & C. Conroy, 2013, ApJL, 775, L16
10/17 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The Structural Evolution of Milky Way-Like Star forming Galaxies Since z ~ 1.3 S. G. Patel et al. 2013, ApJ, 778, 115
09/26 김상철 Sang Chul KIM Blue Straggler Evolution Caught in the Act in the Large Magellanic Cloud Globular Cluster Hodge 11 C. Li et al. 2013, ApJL, 770, L7
09/12 Chandreyee Sengupta Is GBT1355+5439 a dark galaxy? T. A. Oosterloo et al. 2013, A&A, 555, L7
08/22 양성철 Soung-Chul Yang Local Group dwarf galaxies: nature and nurture T. Sawala et al. 2012, MNRAS, 420, 1714
08/08 강용범 Yongbeom Kang Discrete clouds of neutral gas between the galaxies M31 and M33 S. A. Wolfe et al. 2013, Nature, 497, 224
07/25 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The Cosmic BPT Diagram: Confronting Theory with Observations L. J. Kewley et al. 2013, ApJL, 774, L10
07/18 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee Satellites and Haloes of Dwarf Galaxies L. V. Sales et al. 2013, MNRAS, 428, 573
06/27 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Nuclear Activity is more prevalent in Star-Forming Galaxies D. J. Rosario et al. 2013, ApJ, 771, 63
06/20 정의정 Ueejeong Jeong An over-massive black hole in the compact lenticular galaxy NGC 1277 R. C. E. van den Bosch et al. 2012, Nature, 491, 729
05/30 김상철 Sang Chul KIM Evidence for Two Distinct Populations of Type Ia Supernovae X. Wang et al. 2013, Science, 340, 170
05/23 Chandreyee Sengupta An Interacting Galaxy System along a Filament in a Void B. Beygu et al. 2013, AJ, 145, 120
05/09 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee The Assembly of Milky Way-like Galaxies Since z~2.5 P. G. van Dokkum et al. 2013, ApJL, 771, L35
05/02 양성철 Soung-Chul Yang Comparing the ancient star formation histories of the Magellanic Clouds D. R. Weisz et al. 2013, MNRAS, 431, 364
04/18 고종완 Jongwan Ko The Evolution of Galaxies Resolved in Space and Time: a View of Inside-Out Growth from the CALIFA Survey E. Perez et al. 2013, ApJL, 764, L1
04/04 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee Evidence for galaxies being pre-processed before accreted into clusters S. Mahajan 2013, MNRAS Letters, 431, L117
03/21 이종철 Jong Chul Lee Dusty starburst galaxies in the early Universe as revealed by gravitational lensing J. D. Vieira 2013, Nature, 495, 344
03/14 3:00 pm 김상철 Sang Chul KIM The Host Galaxy of the Super-luminous SN 2010gx and Limits on Explosive 56Ni Production T.-W. Chen et al. 2013, ApJL, 763, L28
02/28 고종완 Jongwan Ko On Dark Peaks and Missing Mass: A Weak-lensing Mass Reconstruction of the Merging Cluster System A520 D. Clowe et al. 2012, ApJ, 758, 128
02/07 이혜란 Hye-Ran Lee A deep view on the Virgo cluster core S. Lieder et al. 2012, A&A, 538, A69
01/31 문대식 Dae-Sik Moon Wide Integral Field Infrared Spectrograph: KASI Opportunities S. Sivanandam et al. 2012, SPIE, 8446, 4S
01/17 양성철 Soung-Chul Yang A vast, thin plane of corotating dwarf galaxies orbiting the Andromeda galaxy R. A. Ibata 2013, Nature, 493, 62
01/10 이준협 Joon Hyeop Lee The Radial Distribution of Star Formation in Galaxies at z ~ 1 from the 3D-HST Survey E. J. Nelson et al. 2013, ApJL, 763, L16
01/03 고종완 Jongwan Ko The Contribution of Thermally-Pulsing Asymptotic Giant Branch and Red Supergiant Stars to the Luminosities of the Magellanic Clouds at 1-24 um J. Melbourne & M. L. Boyer 2013, ApJ, 764, 30
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